1. Who is behind CLEAR™? We are a group of individuals that design emission safe wireless products. With all the confusion over whether or not the radiation from smartphones produces damaging effects to our bodies, the CLEAR™ team has found a way to address this serious health related topic and to protect our loved ones. Look, with all the conflicting reports, who knows for sure! But why even take the risk when there is now an inexpensive solution that deflects radiation away from our head and brain when we are using our phones.
  2. What is CLEAR™? CLEAR™ Technology embedded in a smartphone screen protector is the first smartphone screen protector with embedded technology that PROTECTS you from potentially harmful radiation, PROVIDES your phone a stronger signal, and PROLONGS your battery charge. All of these groundbreaking features are embedded in a standard easy-to-apply, antismudge, anti-scratch, anti-glare screen protector. And CLEAR™ is the only anti-radiation screen protection device that is placed between the smartphone and the user’s head and brain.
  3. How does CLEAR™ work? CLEAR™ uses precisely tuned transparent traces printed onto our screen protector, and PROTECTS cellular radiation from passing through the screen, which would otherwise enter the user’s head and brain. CLEAR™ redirects the radiation outward and away from you, which also results in a better signal for your phone. For years, antenna engineers have used a similar technique for large powerful antennas. We just made it better, smaller and transparent … to benefit YOU! CLEAR™ is also a booster that PROVIDES a stronger smartphone signal, which means clearer calls and faster data transfers. CLEAR™ redirects potentially harmful radiation away from your head and brain, and at the same time when this redirected signal goes up, out and away from you it creates a stronger useable signal from your smartphone, generating good to excellent connections in nearly all circumstances. So now you can enjoy clearer calling and faster data transfers, even in locations that have poor coverage. Finally, CLEAR™ is a battery extender that PROLONGS your battery charge providing more smartphone use between charges. With CLEAR™ increasing your smartphone signal your phone does not have to work as hard. And like anything else, when you don’t work as hard, you spend less energy, and with less energy used, your phone’s battery charge can last significantly longer during voice calls or data usage. Up to 40% longer.
  4. How effective is the CLEAR™ next gen smartphone protector? CLEAR™ is a radiation shield that PREVENTS as much as 100% of the cellular radiation from entering your head and brain. CLEAR™ is a booster that PROVIDES a stronger phone signal, generating good to excellent connections in nearly all circumstances. CLEAR™ is a battery extender that PRODUCES less drain on your battery, extending your battery usage time by as much as 40%.
  5. What else makes CLEAR™ unique? CLEAR™ is adapted from highly sophisticated technology that is used in large powerful antennas today. CLEAR™ has adapted this patent pending technology to work in smartphones as the Next Gen Screen Protector. CLEAR™ is the only radiation protection device that is positioned between the smartphone (the emitter of the radiation) and the user. There is no other physical way to block radiation from entering the user’s head and brain while still maintaining a functioning smartphone. And CLEAR™ uses renewable resource materials to make it work. CLEAR™ works hard as the next generation in smartphone protection and you won’t even know it’s there …CLEAR™ is 99% transparent to the human eye.
  6. Is CLEAR™ verified by a third party? Yes, CLEAR has been tested and verified by an independent third party testing company.
  7. What is the current position on the effects of smartphone radiation on the head and body? In a May 2016 article published on the website, a quote attributed to Dr. Devras Davis, President of the Environmental Health Trust is quoted, “The weight of the evidence is clear: cell phones do cause brain cancer”. The article further states that experts warn, children are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of cell phone radiation, even in the womb. A number of governmental agencies have also issued warnings regarding the dangers of cellular radiation on humans.
  8. Does CLEAR™ prevent RF radiation from causing cancer? CLEAR™ does not take a position on whether RF radiation causes cancer. CLEAR™ redirects RF radiation up and away from the head and brain. The United States Patent Office has granted a patent for CLEAR™ which serves as proof that its features, claims and uniqueness are valid.
  9. Does CLEAR™ work in all locations where there is poor call quality and/or dropped calls? There are certain circumstances that can impact CLEAR™ performance, and the number of signal bars is not a fair measure. For example, if you are operating at the low end of a bar and CLEAR™ improves signal strength by 24%, you will not see an additional bar (each phone has 4 or 5 bars, each representing 20 or 25% of total potential signal strength). If you’re already experiencing good call quality, you may not notice much improvement. Moreover, cell towers that your phone is accessing may have poor coverage in your location. CLEAR™ won’t help in these circumstances. Poor call quality and/or dropped calls may be the result of the other party’s phone as well, so the only way to ensure this is not an issue is to conduct testing with a landline on the other end of the call.
  10. Does CLEAR™ always improve battery life? Because battery consumption is affected by signal strength (strong equals less consumption), if you’re already experiencing good call quality all the time, the battery life may not be noticeably extended.  If you want to test CLEAR™ for yourself, take the time to conduct a controlled test in a location where you consistently drop calls. Place a call to a landline and see that your call does not drop. Repeat the test to ensure the same results. If you don’t achieve the same results, there are other environmental factors involved. Take this test in more than one location where you drop calls or have poor call quality and see that the same results are achieved in multiple locations.
  11. What is the difference between CLEAR™ Next Gen Screen Protector and a Blue Light Technology Screen Protector? Blue Light is part of our everyday life; blue light is output from just about everything we know including the sun, digital screens, TVs, other electronic devices, fluorescent and LED lighting. The main difference is that CLEAR™ redirects the potentially harmful radio waves that are transmitted from your smartphone. CLEAR™ redirects up to 100% of these potentially harmful radio waves. Blue Light protectors block only blue light emissions.
  12. What makes CLEAR™ superior to any other smartphone radiation protection device on the market today? The current controversy and conflicting reports surrounding smartphone radiation and its effects on your health has led to a number of products being marketed claiming to reduce the harmful impacts of radiation on the user. These devices come in a variety of forms – a smartphone case, an insert, a sticker, a chip or a pocket patch. However, none of these products are able to eliminate or reduce the cellular radiation that is absorbed by the head and brain because none of these devices function between the head and brain and the source of the cellular radiation. CLEAR™ patented technology is embedded as a transparent layer in an easy to apply smartphone screen protector eliminating the challenges and limitations of today’s smartphone radiation devices.
  13. Can a TriField Meter measure radiation emitting from smartphones as demonstrated on other products websites? No. The smartphone is often used directly against the head during voice communications. Therefore, smartphone radiation needs to be measured close to the screen of the phone. This is referred to as NEAR FIELD radiation measurement. At smartphone frequencies, the NEAR FIELD measurement must be inches from the screen. To accurately measure the amount of radiation being emitted from the phone at this distance requires a NEAR FIELD probe placed close to the phone while being connected to a spectrum analyzer. A spectrum analyzer is a very expensive piece of equipment making it unavailable to many. The TriField Meter is relatively inexpensive and is convenient to use for anything that runs electricity, such as AC powerline magnetic fields. It is a triple axis design, meaning that one does not have to reorient the meter to check the levels in each direction. A TriField meter measures FAR FIELD radiation but cannot accurately measure NEAR FIELD radiation. Additionally, current cellular technology uses digital signals. A TriField meter is not sensitive enough for digital signals so its RF field measurement ability is deceiving – it’s measuring mW/cm2 whereas RF measurements should be sensitive down to the level of tens of μW/m2. Finally, the accuracy of a TriField meter is low: approximately +/- 20%. The TriField Meter does not indicate at what specific frequency a spike or low reading is occurring at. A TriField meter in its “RADIO/microwave” setting weights radiation received between 50 MHz – 3000 MHz. Cell phones radiate from 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz, so any increase or decrease in radiation detected outside of these frequency bands will be included, producing a very low accuracy weighted measurement.
  14. Are there smartphone anti-radiation scammers selling products today? Yes, which is why CLEAR™ established a new category of smartphone radiation protection. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website, products that block only the earpiece – or another small portion of the phone – are totally ineffective because the entire phone emits electromagnetic waves. What’s more, these shields may interfere with the phone’s signal, which will then cause the phone to draw even more power in an effort to communicate with the cell tower base station, resulting in the phone emitting even more radiation. CLEAR™ is not in this category. CLEAR™ covers the entire smartphone screen, not just a small area, and redirects the cellular radiation out and away from the head and brain toward the cell tower base station. This process actually creates a stronger cellular signal directed at the cell tower base station, and with a stronger signal in addition to clearer calls, less battery power is required resulting in longer times between charges.