We are not scientists. We are not lobbyists. We are not part of any independent study groups or federal research activities. We are everyday people who want to ensure the health of our families, our children and our loved ones. So, after exhaustive research into the dozens of published articles and resulting debates about effects on the brain and body of radiation resulting from our use of smartphones, we created CLEAR™.

CLEAR™ – a simple, easy-to-add accessory to your smartphone that eliminates the risk of harmful effects of radiation.

Whether keeping the family connected or checking or leaving messages, with our kids spending hours in front of their smartphones playing games or texting, with the constant use of our phones for business, we spend hours of our daily lives with our smartphones held against our head or in front of us. That’s dozens of hours per month of radio waves bombarding our brains! At best, this is not natural which is why it has generated huge controversy and debate over the potential risks.

Even though our intention was always to focus on deflecting potentially harmful radiations, CLEAR™ Technology, when embedded in a smartphone screen protector is actually doing three more things on top of that. 

CLEAR™ Technology combined with a smartphone screen protector keeps your smartphone from scratches, smudges and glare. CLEAR™ also PROTECTS potentially harmful radiation coming from your phone from being directed toward your head and brain. It does not affect sound clarity or the use of your touch screen. It does not weaken your signal. It simply deflects radio waves from your head and brain while your phone is being used. By deflecting the radiation from the front of the phone, it concentrates  the signal in the back and sides and PROVIDES a stronger, better, clearer signal. And finally, CLEAR™ is a battery extender that PROLONGS your battery charge, which means more smartphone use between charges. By boosting your signal, it means your smartphone doesn’t have to work as hard. And like anything else, when you don’t work as hard, you use less energy, and with less energy used, your smartphone battery charge can last significantly longer during voice calls or data usage, up to as much as 40% longer.

CLEAR™ Technology, The Next Generation Smartphone Protection that, in addition to providing the most advanced protection, eliminates the risk of harmful effects of radiation, boosts your signal, and extends your battery charge.

CLEAR™ Protects. CLEAR™ Provides. CLEAR™ Prolongs.