• CLEAR™ is adapted from highly sophisticated technology that is used in large powerful antennas today. CLEAR™ has adapted this patent pending technology to work with smartphones as the Next Gen Screen Protector.
  • CLEAR™ is meant to protect us and it uses renewable resource materials to make it work.
  • CLEAR™ works hard as the next generation in smartphone protection and you won’t even know it’s there … CLEAR™ is 99% transparent to the human eye.
  • CLEAR™ protects against potentially harmful radiation. It redirects up to 100% of smartphone radiation that would otherwise enter your head and brain.
  • CLEAR™ does not absorb the radiation. It redirects the smartphone signal with the radiation out and away from you.  This results in concentrating and providing a stronger usable signal … Up to twice the signal strength you may otherwise get.
  • Like anything else, when you work less you use less energy.  So as CLEAR™ strengthens your signal, your smartphone works less and the drain on your battery is reduced.  Now your phone can last longer between charges.