With Clear, I Had No Drops

I Did A 10 Minute Driving Test Through A Daily Route Where I Normally Experience Degradation To Due To Either Poor Call Quality Or Call Drops In 3 Different Locations. With Clear, I Had No Drops And The Call Quality Was Consistently Good To Very Good Throughout. I Repeated The Test The Following Day With The Same Results. This Is Important To Conducting My Business. I Don’t Know If Radiation Is Harmful, But Based On The Better Signal I Believe Clear Is Blocking It. I Am Very Satisfied With The Product.

Roger M.

The Two Pluses

I Could See The Signal Improvement Which Was Great. I Guess The Radiation Part Was Working, So That’s A Plus. I’m Not Really A Screen Protector Person But For The Two Pluses I Mentioned, I Guess Now I’m A Screen Protector User.

Rick K.

Would Be Great If Clear Was Embedded Into The Actual Phone Screen

Very Easy To Apply To My Phone. Would Be Great If Clear Was Embedded Into The Actual Phone Screen. Overall, This Is A Great Product!

Jose C.

Application Convenient

Protector Was Applied With Ease. Provided Cleaning Accessories Made Application Convenient.

Gabriel H.

Great Product

Great Product! Highly Recommended.

Georges T.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits. Easy To Install, Clear Instructions.

Peter F.

Ease Of Mind

Ease Of Mind From Increased Protection. Quality Of Product Is Great.

Shadow N.

Keep Battery Life Longer

Good Quality, Seems To Keep Battery Life Longer And Signal Was A Little Better.

Ashley H.

Less Call Drops

Less Call Drops, Better Call Clarity With The Addition Benefit Of Radiation Protection Adds Value.

May L.

Increased Signal Strength

Good Durable Screen Protector. I Like The Clarity. I Like The Other Features Related To Radiation, Increased Signal Strength, And Battery Improvements. Screen Protector Doesn’t Leave Finger Prints Behind.

Ryan P.

Radiation + Battery Charge

Very Easy-to-apply. Radiation + Battery Charge Advantages!

Jeff D.

Better In 3 Previous Bad Zones

My Signal Was Noticeably Better In 3 Previous Bad Zones. I Was Able To Connect To The Apps I Use.

James C.

Very Easy To Install

Very Easy To Install. Does Not Interfere With The Normal Use Of My Phone.

Sherri E.

Protects From Radiation

Like That It Protects From Radiation And Is Also Very Durable.

Christina H.

Sense Of Protection

Sense Of Protection From Radiation, No More Dropped Calls, Significant Battery Life Extension.

Paul H.

Maintained Battery Life

I Forgot To Charge My Phone The Night I Installed The Protective Screen And Was Traveling The Next Day, Despite Not Being Able To Charge My Phone And Using It While Traveling I Found That The Phone Just Didn’t Die And Maintained Battery Life Which Is A Big Improvement From What I Am Used To.

Alexander D.

RF Protection

The Main Benefit For The Screen Protector For Me Would Be The RF Protection. A Minimal Benefit (~1 Bar) To The Signal Quality And Battery Life Is An Added Benefit.

Arthur S.

Battery Life Is Better

Very Solid Protection, Super Clear Screen, Battery Life Is Better And Signal Strength Too.

Richard B.