CLEAR™ Differentiation

CLEAR™ is not a product company.

CLEAR™ Technology originates from a respected high tech company holding 15 patents in RF technology with years of experience providing advanced tech solutions to the wireless industry. CLEAR™ Technology is the result of millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours adapted from highly sophisticated techniques that are used in large powerful cell tower antennas today.

CLEAR™ inventors and engineers are comprised of leading RF designers with hundreds of years of combined experience. They are the industry “troubleshooters and designers” for advanced antenna & radiation management systems. They are known for their practical use of advanced technology to solve complex requirements and for turning them into functional and practical solutions. Antenna design, radiation management design, manufacturing, deployment, numerical modeling and laboratory validation techniques are part of their core strengths.

CLEAR™ engineers have applied their years of experience in the area of RF to develop technology that progressive companies now adapt to solve the needs of both industrial and consumer customers. One such need in the consumer market has resulted in CLEAR™ being adapted to address smartphone RF emissions and their radiation effects on our health and the health of our loved ones.

CLEAR™ has been achieved by applying Band Pass Filtering Technology widely used in cell tower antennas to reject cellular frequencies from emitting through the rear of the antenna, and now provides the same capability to the screen of your smartphone.

CLEAR™ also utilizes Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology for printing the Band Pass Filter making it nearly 100% undetectable and therefore useable on the front of the screen of a smartphone. CNTs are large molecules of pure carbon that are long and thin and shaped like tubes about 1-3 nanometers (1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter) in diameter, and hundreds to thousands of nanometers long.

Until CLEAR™, smartphone anti-radiation product claims have been based on two assumptions. First, that covering the back or sides of the phone will reduce RF emissions from causing potential harm, and second, that the testing conducted on these products conforms to proper standards for measuring digital RF emissions.

Addressing the first claim, the most important area of the smartphone to protect is the area that is held closest to the head and brain, which is the screen. CLEAR™ technology applied as a smartphone screen protector redirects the cellular emissions up and away from the head and brain. Regarding the second claim, smartphones are digital devices. Testing CLEAR™ for radiation reduction requires devices that measure digital signals. Other products use devices to test that measure analog signals, such as TriField Meters. These test devices are unable to measure the digital RF cellular signals that are generated by your smartphone. Therefore, the results are misleading and inaccurate.

For many years there have been conflicting reports about the effects of cell phone RF emissions on the human head and brain. Rather than wait and see if, and to what extent these emissions actually do cause harm, CLEAR™ addresses the problem and eliminates the risk today. Combining advanced Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology with the CLEAR™ patent pending Band Pass Filtering technology, CLEAR™ creates a cellular emissions barrier between the user’s head and brain and the emitting device (the smartphone) within an easy-to-apply smartphone screen protector.